Cloud Native Development & AWS Support Services for Religious Services Portal


The customer wanted TechVedika to build a platform that enables them to partner with places of worship across the length and breadth of the country and the world.

TechVedika has built this solution that acts as an online marketplace for all religious services. It enables devotees to connect with spiritual leaders and guides. The first to partner with heritage sites, religious stores, and hotels to introduce trusted caretaker services.

TechVedika currently provides ongoing enhancements and AWS support services for the platform.

AWS Cloud-Native Development

Responsible for the design and implementation of a highly scalable and robust portal platform that brings together all partners and consultants into one single platform

  • The Platform is based on Microservice Architecture, to minimize the effect of future enhancements on operations. This makes the platform technology-neutral
  • Creation of a separate application for Spiritual Guide, Place of Worship, Trusts and Devotee on Web, Android, and iOS
  • Integration of Third-party gateways for Payment, Helpdesk, Chat, Profanity Filters, and Behavioural Analytics

The platform is built 100% on AWS to enable High Availability and Rapid performance-based Upscaling and Downscaling

AWS Support Services

  • DevOps Support for ongoing agile development releases
  • Solution Design for High Availability and Scalability using AWS ALB, EC2, RDS, and AWS Availability Zones
  • Application Performance Monitoring – Defined metrics and configured rules for proactive system monitoring using Amazon CloudWatch
  • DevOps CI/CD Automation with AWS CodePipeline; CloudFormation, Teraform for infrastructure setup

Technology Stack

  • Hosting: AWS
  • AWS services:  AWS CodeCommit, Code Build, Code pipelines, S3, ECR, ECS, EC2, Dockers RDS MySQL, AWS CloudFront, Load balancers, Cognito, AWS SES, SNS, Route53, AWS VPC, IAM, and KMS, CloudWatch
  • Swagger Authentication: AWS Cognito
  • Database: MySQL
  • Content Delivery: CDN/S3+Cloudfront


  • Faster release cycles using automated integration and deployments
  • Designed for high performance with redundant and scalable architecture
  • Proactive monitoring using CloudWatch and other 3rd party tools
  • Reduced management overhead by outsourcing cloud support services

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