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Organizations using AWS Cloud services often face challenges in ensuring that their workloads in the cloud are reliable, secure, efficient, and cost-effective. As cloud adoption increases and along with that the extent and scale of AWS infra & services usage, there is always room for improvement in terms of performance, security, cost, and architecture.

Cloud Consulting Service Offerings

TechVedika offers the following AWS consulting services to help organizations in increasing their ROI from cloud investments:

  • Performance Assessment & Optimization
  • Security & Compliance Assessment
  • Cost Optimization Recommendations
  • Cloud Architecture Services
1. Performance Assessment & Optimization

The objective of our performance optimization service is to help organizations in selecting the right resource types and sizes optimized for workload requirements, monitoring performance, and maintaining efficiency in accordance with business growth and challenges.

The activities performed as part of our performance assessment engagement are:

  • Understand the customer application portfolio on AWS cloud
  • Identify AWS services being used
  • Understand the performance monitoring policies in place (rules and thresholds)
  • Analysis of the existing log data using AWS CloudWatch and/or 3rd party tools to identify performance bottleneck areas
  • Prioritization of improvement areas with inputs from customer Business and IT Teams
  • Performance Baselining
  • Recommendations for Performance Optimization
  • Implementation Roadmap and guidance for Performance Tuning, defining/updating monitoring policies


  • Optimize usage of AWS resources for cost optimization
  • Ensure optimization workloads for maximum performance and SLA adherence
  • Enhance operational efficiency and productivity
2. Security & Compliance Assessment

The focus of our security & compliance assessment engagement is for protecting information and systems including confidentiality and integrity of data, managing user permissions, and establishing controls to detect security events.

The activities performed as part of our security & compliance assessment engagement are:

  • Understand the customer application portfolio and security practices
  • AWS infrastructure Monitoring for identifying Security Risks
  • Perform Security Vulnerability and Compliance Assessment based on CIS Benchmarks with a focus on
    • Encryption
    • Infra Security
    • Configuration Management Practices
    • Identity and Access Control Policies
    • Monitoring and Logging Tools and Processes
    • Patching and Hardening practices
    • Compliance assessment (SOC, HIPAA, PCI, GDPR)
  • Security Enhancement Recommendations such as
    • Defense in Depth by strengthening Endpoint and Network Security using proven 3rd party tools
    • Setting up AWS Config Rules and Alerts for detecting common misconfigurations
    • Enable Security Configuration for Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Mitigation
    • Enforce Firewall Management using AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF)
    • Use AWS GuardDuty/Amazon Macie for Alert Investigation and Remediations
    • Incident Management workflow for the analysis and resolution of High Priority Security Incidents


  • Ensure adherence to Data Privacy, Security, and Compliance to meet Customer and Regulatory authority requirements
  • Faster detection and resolution of Security Incidents
  • 15 to 20% reduction in security incidents
3. Cost Optimization Recommendations

As part of our Cost Optimization Service Tech Vedika helps organizations analyze their existing AWS infrastructure in terms of costs incurred and reduce overall expenditure. While focusing on trimming unnecessary costs, we will take into account the business needs without compromising security and performance.

This service includes the following activities:

  • Cost Assessment – Analysis of current usage and billing for AWS services
  • Recommendations for Cost Optimization – for instance:
    • Right-sizing instances
    • Identification of underutilized instances
    • Downgrade underutilized instances
    • Opting for reserved, spot instances
    • Deleting old snapshots
    • Deleting unused/unattached Volumes
    • Storage optimization
    • Setting up mandatory cost Tagging to categorize resources by the owner, business unit, and environment towards cost accountability and optimization
    • Choice of newer and better AWS services that can replace existing services
  • Provide checklists and proven Strategies for Cost Reduction
  • Recommend AWS tools and 3rd party tools for cost optimization
  • Cost Monitoring techniques for ongoing Monitoring of Resource Usage and Cost for further optimization


  • 30-40% reduction in annual subscription costs
  • Proactive and ongoing Cost optimization for reduced spend and better budget control
4. Cloud Architecture Services

Tech Vedika’s AWS Architecture reviews help organizations in studying the state of current workloads and architecture vis-a-vis AWS architectural best practices.  The outcome of these services will enable realizing a high-performing AWS infrastructure with well-architected cloud-native applications.

This service includes the following activities:

  • AWS Application Portfolio Assessment for AWS Services Usage
  • Architecture Reviews based on AWS Well-Architected Framework
  • A detailed target architecture blueprint and recommendations
  • Implementation Roadmap and guidance for realizing the target architecture
  • Solution Architecture for New Development
  • Cloud to Cloud and Cloud to On-premise Integration Architecture
  • Microservices Design and Deployment including CQRS and Event sourcing
  • API Management
Why Tech Vedika for AWS Cloud Consulting Services?

TechVedika has proven experience in providing AWS Cloud consulting services to organizations at various levels and maturity in cloud adoption.  TechVedika brings experienced and certified technical architects and consultants with strong skills in handling public cloud platforms. We helped multiple organizations that already have AWS cloud programs in place but did not maximize its value in realizing its full potential. Our architects help adopt and improve the cloud-native approaches with a container and microservices-driven application practices.

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