India’s First Medical Taxi Service

eSahai, a Hyderabad based startup, approached Tech Vedika to build a complete platform for Medical Taxi Service similar to Uber for their ambulance grade medical taxi service, which was to be introduced in Hyderabad within 3 months of time.

How We Started

The customer approached us to solve the medical transportation problem, build a central ecosystem and a platform for ambulance booking service:

  1. Tech Vedika’s Solution and Architecture Consulting Team presented the complete solution with the technical architecture and the UI wireframe within 2 weeks of time.
  2. The customer approved the solution and finalized deliverables with Tech Vedika Delivery and Project Management Team.
  3. In 2 months of the timeline, Tech Vedika delivered a pilot and tested it along with eSahai in 5 ambulances and improved some user experience based on the initial 2 weeks of POC feedback.
  4. The customer launched eSahai in Hyderabad with 200+ ambulances and with 500+ hospital partners.
  5. After 6 months, eSahai expanded its services to Vizag and other cities.

Main Features and Functionality

  • Check real-time ambulance availability in nearby areas
  • Check nearby hospital location with direction and emergency support contacts
  • Request for blood and registered blood donors database from the blood bank
  • Book instant ambulance with a single click of a button
  • The patient’s family will be notified with an SMS or notification with real-time ambulance tracking
  • The driver can manage his duty online/offline and locate emergency location from the app

Technical Requirement

  • Real-time display of ambulance location on the map
  • Ambulance booking confirmation within 5-10 seconds
  • Search nearby Ambulance and Hospital


  • Google Firebase, Google Cloud Messaging
  • Backend with Node.js
  • Frontend with AngularJS
  • Android Native, iOS Native

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