Vision Analytics To Make Autonomous Cars Smart

Tech Vedika has developed an advanced vision system for terrestrial navigation. This helps in autonomous navigation that makes driving strain-free.

The system includes a co-driver attention detection system, which consists of highly efficient facial keypoints detection, pose detection, and drowsiness detection, that monitors the co-driver’s activity and raises alarm in case of lack of attention.

The advanced vehicular cognition systems emulate the mental routines of human cognition by using localization, sensor fusion and calibration, and 3D mapping and reconstruction. These modules help to capture spatial and prominent static world features and semantic features of the roads through video analytics, 3-dimensional object detection, and tracking is done using a 360-degree Velodyne Laser Scanner.

Our real-world computer vision modules are capable of capturing real-time dynamic objects such as other vehicles and pedestrians alongside number detection such as car license plate detection, address or road number recognition, etc.

Tech Vedika is an expert in other vision analytics areas that include foreground and background detection, abnormal activity detection and classification, object detection and tracking and surveillance, situational awareness, and ambiance awareness. Control systems and command modules for the co-driver and static and dynamic path planning are some of the customizable reference modules.

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