AWS Cloud Management Services for Live streaming & OTT Platform


US-based event management platform provider approached TechVedika for building a solution that increases customer engagement during Covid’19, by enabling people to engage themselves by watching events & activities through live streaming, allowing people to participate & register themselves as performers.

TechVedika built a web & mobile-based solution for live streaming & OTT.

Cloud-Native Platform Development

To build a platform for entertaining digital content through live streaming and also OTT in real-time and on-demand

  • Portal for the performers who want to showcase their talent & upload their digital content
  • Users can watch entertaining digital content through live stream & also OTT (Real-time & on Demand)
  • Provision for a live chat amongst the people watching the live event
  • Enables the content creators to set options to ask for charity during their live sessions and a provision for the users to donate to their favorite artists or performers

AWS Support Services

  • DevOps Support for ongoing agile development releases
  • Solution Design for High Availability and Scalability using AWS ALB, EC2, RDS
  • Application Performance Monitoring – Defined metrics and configured rules for proactive system monitoring using Amazon CloudWatch
  • DevOps using Jenkins and AWS tools

Technology Stack

  • Cloud: AWS EC2, RDS, SNS, Load Balancer, S3, CloudWatch, CloudSearch, CloudFront, Amazon AppSync
  • Database: MySQL, DynamoDB


  • Real-time Interactive Engagement among performers and viewers
  • On-demand, scalable cloud infrastructure for high-quality services
  • Support for global broadcasting and standard payment gateways
  • Tools to enhance networking & bonding among performers and between performers and fans
  • Proactive monitoring for ensuring high performance and optimizing monthly usage costs
  • Enhances productivity with a common services support model: Enhancements, application maintenance, and cloud support services

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