Development & Cloud Management Services for Elderly Care Services Organization


US-based Elderly Care Service provider approached TechVedika for building a solution for verifying the credentials of the third-party healthcare providers as they were concerned with the safety of the residents due to the risk that may arise due to unverified healthcare providers and vendors that stream in and out of communities and work with vulnerable residents and staff.

TechVedika developed a platform-based solution on the AWS cloud to automate the sign-in process and verify the credentials of the providers and vendors entering the community.

Platform Development

  • A platform for ensuring secure and safe access to premises of third-party health care providers
  • Worked with client to perform the assessment and finalized to move the workloads over the AWS cloud
  • Developed a touchscreen, badge-printing Tablet to automate the sign-in process and confirm receipt of required credentials from third-party health care providers and other vendors working in senior citizen communities
  • Sign-in and health-screening kiosk designed for senior citizens and nursing homes
  • One of the main reasons for the migration was on the earlier platform there was a limitation of only 500 max DB connections on Postgres DB instance, with AWS cloud the max DB connections can be scaled significantly
  • Synchronous replication of primary database with standby database in different AZ for data redundancy and high availability
  • Ensuring data security using AWS WAF and AWS Shield to prevent unauthorized access and DDOS attacks
  • Allows administering touchless temperature capture and screening questions for visitors and staff along with secure sign-in to control the health and safety of the community
  • Generates immediate notifications and alerts via mobile phone or email based on the criteria set for specific individuals, health screening results and other areas of concern

Cloud Management Services

  • Worked with customer teams on Application Migration from Heroku to AWS
  • Designed for High Availability and Scalability using AWS ALB, EC2, RDS, and AWS Availability Zones
  • Database Availability of Primary DB instance ensured with synchronous replication of data to a standby instance in a different Availability Zone
  • Application Performance Monitoring using CloudWatch and New Relic
  • Backup Management – Daily backup schedules and data archiving
  • Cost Optimization by monitoring idle and under-utilized resources (terminate/ optimize) and configuring schedulers for instance management (start/shutdown)

Data gets stored in a private HIPAA compliant cloud to ensure healthcare privacy

Technology Stack

  • Mobile: Android, iOS
  • Device: Android Tablet (Kiosk)
  • AWS Cloud Services: EC2, ECS, S3, Docker, SNS, Lamda, CloudWatch
  • AWS RDS/Database: PostgreSQL


  • Simplified staff & visitor sign in by replacing the existing paper sign-in books at the Front Desk with a Secure and Safe Sign-In System
  • Designed for COVID handling – Screening Questions, Recording Temperature
  • Real-time information regarding visitors, third-party caregivers, and residents to Community Operators & Management
  • High Availability and Scalability using AWS ALB, ASG, EC2, RDS, and AWS Availability Zones
  • The application can manage more than 1 million concurrent connections with multiple tablets and Kiosks connecting from multiple locations.
  • Proactive AWS services monitoring using CloudWatch and other 3rd party monitoring tools

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