Computer-assisted sperm analysis

Company Background

Sperm Processor Pvt Ltd is among the top service providers of Microscope, Laboratory Glassware & Equipment in India. It is a renowned brand in the business of Laboratory Andrology involved right from R&D & manufacturing to marketing. Its umbrella brand for products, Sperm 360 degree, offers an end-to-end solution for Andrology labs. They provide manufactured products like SFT Kits, instruments, accessories, plastic ware & disposables, hands-on-training to complete lab setup solutions.

The Transformative Solution

Sperm Processor Pvt Ltd approached Tech Vedika to build a comprehensive Computer-Assisted Semen Analysis (CASA) software. Tech Vedika developed an advanced automated image analysis software that can accurately analyze sperm quality, according to the parameters recommended by the world’s leading health organizations. 

Product Features

  • Morphology – Identifying Structural properties of sperms
  • Concentration and Motility – Motion characteristics of sperms
  • Concentration and Motility
  • DNA fragmentation
  • Nucleo Protein
  • Vitality
  • HOS, Anti-sperm, Antibody, and Sperm Confirmation
  • GPU acceleration

The image processing module, designed using Computer Vision and Machine Learning modules, processes the images in the following steps:

  • Image Acquisition: Using multi-core GPU and ARM processors and optimized compression and decompression algorithms.
  • Image Pre-processing: Noise removal using efficient bilateral filters, fast color conversion modules and efficient morphological modules.
  • Object Tracking: Highly accurate tracking algorithms with faster run times.
  • Image Segmentation and Object detection: Novel local and Global Statistical Based Segmentation using highly optimized clustering algorithms, multi-core and GPU processor, fast low power deep learning modules, deep belief networks, autoencoders and deep CNN.
  • Feature Extraction and Measurements: Highly optimized modules used for feature extraction, based on color, texture, shape, and appearance and model-based measurements like circle and ellipse, regularity, insertion angles and deep learning-based measurements.
The Results

Tech Vedika developed an advanced semen analysis software that provides the following benefits:


  • About one second per frame at 1280 X 940 resolution with 90% accuracy
  • Motility measurement with 90% accuracy
  • DNA Fragmentation measurement with 95% accuracy
  • Nucleo Protein measurement with 92% accuracy
  • Vitality measurement with 90% accuracy
  • Concentration measurement with 98% accuracy Innovation
  • Patentable background and foreground separation
  • The highly efficient multi-frame object tracker
  • Highly efficient small object detector
  • Very fast and less parameter based deep learning modules
  • Optimized models for various hardware architectures

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