Built Wearable IoT Ecosystem For Gyms

Wearables have been growing in popularity in recent years, spreading like wildfire across the health and wellness landscape. With dozens of brands, styles and sizes to choose from, it has become easier than ever to find the perfect personal fitness tracker.The greatest advantage of a wearable device is its constant presence. All-day, it tracks your movements and Heart rate, gathering and categorizing that information.Wearable technology, such as Fitrax, Polar, Fitbit, and iWatch, gives consumers a constant motivation to get in shape. It tracks basic metrics such as step count and the number of floors climbed, in addition to more advanced insights like heart rate and calories burned. Wearable technology allows users to focus on reaching daily goals, instead of fixating on the vague goal of “getting in shape”.


As wearable fitness technology has a versatile range, health clubs are implementing new initiatives and technologies of their own in order to engage users and keep them active.

Tech Vedika has built a complete ecosystem and a platform for Fitrax to provide an end-to-end solution for their gym, health & fitness club customers. Tech Vedika’s dedicated team created a complete solution within 8 months. We delivered a production-ready solution to them.

Main features of the platform:
  • View your physical effort live on your smartphone
  • Make social connections and challenge friends
  • Leaderboard competition to earn points and gain rankings
  • BYOD connects to other wearable devices (support any wearable device)
  • Connect to 3rd party gym equipment for maximum versatility
Main components of the ecosystem we built:
  • Cloud WDM Server – Wearable device management server
  • Gym & Fitness Center Web Portal – To manage their members, coach, reports etc.
  • Coach & Trainer App – Android & iOS apps for coaches to monitor day to day progress of the members
  • Member App – Android & iOS apps for members to record, track & monitor their activity & plan

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