Mass emails get Personal

AI engine analyzes customer behavior to recommend complementary products to drive sales


A customer bought a winter coat two weeks ago and visited some product pages with winter gloves, scarves, and hats at that time. It’s likely that the customer will be happy to receive a personal email that advertises a new collection of winter accessories and/or announces a 10% discount for them. Is this possible for an eCommerce company to do it?


eComtics clustering models and association rules can help achieve this. eComtics clustering models can help eCommerce companies reach their customers with the level of personalization that customers have come to expect, through increasingly granular customer segmentation, while association rules help match promotions and offer to each individual customer based on customer segments.


Drawing from the data that eCommerce companies already have about their customers, eComtics personalized marketing module can analyze billions of consumer interest variables and touchpoints, identify specific customer’s interests, and group customers with similar interests for targeting.

Segmentation also doesn’t have to be static. eComtics employee dynamic segmentation that takes into account the fact that customers’ behaviors are rarely fixed and that customers take on different personas at different times for different reasons.


  • Devise communication strategies that match the appropriate and relevant marketing messages to the correct target customers.
  • Predict the likelihood of a customer’s response to an offer based on product appeal, offer receptivity, and frequency of use.
  • Predict the ROI on each marketing campaign by media type and expenditures.

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