Self-decisive Chat Bots through AI


As companies worldwide are adapting to the chatbot revolution, the technology is under great scrutiny for its pros and cons. A chatbot is a computer program that is used to textually communicate with human users on the internet. According to a report by Zendesk, people felt that customer service is the most important factor impacting vendor trust. About two-thirds of the participants felt that quick attention to their problems translated into great customer service. Such is the importance of customer service in a company’s reputation.


Companies often tread bumpy roads for a good customer service experience. Customers that call helpline numbers often have to wait for many minutes before getting connected to an executive.

InfoGraphics and Stats from third-party sources supporting our argument:


How AI and Data are impacting the sector:

A particularly useful application of chatbots is the simplification of the customer service of companies. So much so that about 8 out of 10 companies are already using or are planning to use Artificial Intelligence in customer service by 2020. Artificial Intelligence is helping companies handle hundreds of queries at a time, which reduces the waiting time for the callers. A chatbot can help resolve mundane and simple troubles that customers face on a regular basis. If the problem is too complex, then it is transferred to a human agent for further action on it. Using chatbot helps in such cases as the chat transcript can be provided to the customer service executive so that the troubled customer

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