Delivered Unique One Touch Experience For Tata DoCoMo Customers

Project Information

Mobile carriers are fighting to cater to the huge smartphone traffic with fierce competition. Tech Vedika built a unique mobile app for Tata DoCoMo, by which any mobile user in India can get a free internet connection with just one touch. This app (WiFi Wizard) can be installed on any Android or iOS smartphone. Once the app is installed there is no need to register for an OTP or password every time a person connects to the internet at any Indian airport, Starbucks or at any public WiFi hotspot.This app comes along with 30 minutes of free internet at any hotspot location. You can also buy a data plan or package from your mobile wallet or credit card. Moreover, if you are a Tata DoCoMo customer, you can also enjoy high-speed internet with your 3G/4G data plan by using your Tata DoCoMo SIM card.Once you install this app on your mobile, you can also get an automatic notification when you are near a free WiFi hotspot, so that you can simply click on the notification and get connected to a strong Tata DoCoMo network. Tech Vedika built the complete end-to-end solution for Tata DoCoMo with the mobile app and the backend interface server.Tech Vedika built an outstanding user experience that can set this mobile operator apart from its existing competitors. The seamless WiFi connectivity allows users to move from the 3G/4G/LTE network to WiFi without any interaction, whatsoever, with their mobile devices i.e an invisible handoff.When Tata DoCoMo decided to bring new life to their mobile hotspot user experience, they needed more than just a simple app that can allow their customers to connect to Wi-Fi with just one touch. From top to bottom, they needed a complete rebuild of their hotspot user experience and technology.Together we identified several key areas:

  1. Every user is experiencing the problem with mobile OTP login. Every time user has to request an OTP for internet login
  2. Due to lack of plan purchase feature availability mobile user are unable to purchase prepaid WiFi plan, which they can use for extended hours
  3. Tata DoCoMo 3G/4G mobile SIM users should be able to use high-speed WiFi with their 3G/4G SIM data plan

Two Weeks of Discovery Having worked with the Tata DoCoMo team to solve the above challenges, we identified several issues and started working on User Story Mapping, Solution Architecture Document along with wire-framing and prototyping. We used In-Vision App for UI Collaboration, Redmine for Project tracking and management, and Jenkins for continuous integration.Finally, we decided to start with Android, iOS, and Back-end Services which can interface with HLR, Radius Server for WiFi User Authentication and MRupee Payment Gateway, and mobile wallet.

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