TechVision+ Successfully Optimized on Intel Architecture

Introduction to the TechVision+

TechVision+ is an advanced AI-assisted platform for the warehouse environment. It helps organizations from the moment a package is received at your warehouse till it is dispatched using Computer Vision solutions. Key features of TechVision+ include dock door tracking, real-time pallet tracking, and pick and pack optimization, each tailored to enhance operational workflows, data analysis, and decision-making processes.

Optimization on Intel Architecture

To maximize performance and efficiency, TechVision+ has been meticulously optimized for Intel Architecture, leveraging the advanced capabilities of OpenVINO. This optimization ensures that WareTrac solution fully utilizes the underlying hardware, resulting in faster processing times, reduced latency, and increased throughput for AI workloads.

The optimization process involved ensuring scalability across multiple cameras for the OpenVINO optimized Yolo models leveraged in our WareTrac offering. These enhancements allow the solution to take full advantage of Intel’s powerful CPUs, and GPUs, making TechVision+ not only more efficient but also more versatile across different deployment scenarios.

TechVision+ has been optimized on the 3rd Gen Xeon Scalable Processor, which is renowned for its robust performance and reliability. The Intel Xeon Scalable Processor offers an extensive ecosystem of tools and libraries that further streamline the development and deployment of AI solutions, making it an ideal choice for TechVision+.

About TechVedika

TechVedika is a world-class technology consulting services and business process reengineering organization with proven experience in the adoption of flexible global business practices to enable companies to operate with increased efficiency and business value. TechVedika achieved these outcomes by creating and perfecting a unique method of global deployment and delivery of high-quality, high-value IT services and products.

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