Triple Celebration, Triple the Fun!

On 8th March 2023, we celebrated International Women’s Day, Holi, and Tech Vedika’s 13th Anniversary. This year was even more fun as we celebrated all events simultaneously and our TechVedikans looked amazing in their colorful traditional attires.  

Tech Vedika has always encouraged an equitable environment, which has been proven when we got the recognition of “Top 50 Mid-Size India’s Best Workplaces for Women”. Today, 42% of our total workforce constitutes women employees.

Later, we had an interesting session centered around the significance of emotional intelligence and positive thinking. And as the session concluded, we transitioned into a joyous celebration, marked by the ceremonial cake cutting. Laughter and merriment filled the air as we indulged in an array of fun activities including an art competition open to all the women present, igniting their creativity and unleashing a torrent of imaginative expression.

Moreover, there were some pleasant surprises planned for all the TechV Women. Overall, the event encompassed a perfect blend of intellectual stimulation, camaraderie, and unbridled fun, fostering an environment that not only celebrated the brilliance of women but also empowered them to embrace their talents and aspirations.

And the fun doesn’t end here, coming up next is a fun and relaxed outing for all TechVedikans along with their families.

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