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The competition between the three giants of cloud providers is just getting started. In 2022, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure had over 200 services, whereas Google Cloud Platform (GCP) had over 100 services. They have different pricing, services, and tools to offer. The big three are introducing a new set of tools each passing year. This informative blog describes a few relevant tools from each of the providers, followed by a more comprehensive listing of tools towards the end.

3 important new AWS tools in 2022 among many
  1. AWS IoT TwinMaker
    An individual can build a digital twin of real-world systems like buildings and industries using the AWS IoT TwinMaker tool. This tool collects real-world data from multiple sensors, cameras, and applications to mimic the system to create a digital visualization. Digital visualization of the twin system increases operational efficiency and reduces downtime.
  2. Amazon Aurora Serverless V2
    At the AWS summit 2022, the keynote speaker stated that Aurora is the fastest-growing service of AWS. To enhance the benefits and overcome the pain points of Aurora V1, AWS launched Aurora V2. This major update will give you A-Z support. So you don’t have to worry about failure in one particular zone. Another improvement is V2 scalability. It can scale to hundreds of thousands of transactions per second.
  3. AWS Mainframe Modernization
    AWS mainframe modernization is a faster, easier, and unique platform that allows one to migrate and modernize a legacy system to a fully managed AWS cloud. It is a set of managed tools that provides infrastructure and software to migrate and modernize mainframe applications. These tools include development, deployment, and operations to automate the mainframe applications.
3 important new GCP tools in 2022 among many
  1. Vertex AI Tabular Workflows
    The Vertex AI Tabular Workflows tool lets users see and interpret each step in the AI model building and deployment process. It helps build neural networks that process tabular data or data organized into rows and columns. A pipeline can include steps to split data, transform data types, and train a model. It is a fully managed and scalable model that helps in performance optimization.
  2. Network Analyser
    GCP is one of its kind to provide a Network Intelligence Center. The network analyzer tool helps to identify and fix network issues before they could cause any service disruption. It gives insights into network topology, routes, and firewall rules and identifies the causes of network failure to suggest possible resolutions. Network analyzer transforms workflows from reactive to proactive and reduces service downtime.
  3. Cloud HPC Toolkit
    Google and Intel worked together to create a high-performance computing toolkit. Cloud HPC toolkit is an open-source software to deploy HPC environments. One can build a cluster with the existing blueprint or modify it according to requirements. The creation and deployment become faster using this tool. It provides visibility of the performance using cloud monitoring.
3 important new Azure tools in 2022 among many
  1. Azure Key Vault
    Azure key vault is a cloud service where one can safely store and access the secrets as they see fit. It also gives the right to choose who can access the secrets. It supports two types of containers: vaults and managed hardware security module (HSM) pools. To monitor who is accessing the keys and secrets of the vault, one must enable logging of the vaults.
  2. Azure Data Explorer
    Azure data explorer is a big data analytics platform for near real-time analysis of a large amount of data. It’s a fully managed platform with high performance. Using Machine learning analyses structured, semi-structured, or unstructured data to extract insights, patterns, and trends and creates a forecasting model. It is a scalable, secure, and robust platform and is helpful for different types of analytics.
  3. Azure Logic Apps
    Azure logic apps is a cloud-based Platform as a Service (PaaS) where one can create and run automated workflows. One can develop highly scalable solutions using this platform for B2B organizations and enterprises. It provides prebuilt connectors to connect apps easily and quickly. This platform gives its user the benefit of little to no code.
Below is a more exhaustive list of tools introduced by the three cloud giants in 2022:

AWS Tools

S No Name of the Tools What it does
1. AWS IoT TwinMaker Developers can integrate data from multiple sources to create a semantic network of the real-world environment.
2. Amazon Aurora Serverless V2 Automate the monitoring processes using Aurora Serverless V2 and only pay for the resources the DB cluster consumes.
3. AWS Mainframe Modernization It is a platform where on-prem applications can be migrated and modernized to a fully-managed cloud-native environment.
4. Amazon EC2 C7g Instances C7g uses an AWS Graviton3 processor to increase the computing efficiency by 25%.
5. AWS Cloud Quest: Cloud Practitioner To increase the number of AWS cloud experts, AWS launched a 3D role-playing game that helps to solve real-world cloud problems.
6. AWS Amplify Studio It provides a visual development environment for developers, which helps to accelerate the UI development process with minimal coding.
7. Solution Spark Program For Channel Partners AWS Solution Spark Program is to help Public Sector Partners in developing and accelerating open-source solutions for common customer problems.
8. Amazon EMR Serverless Leverage serverless deployment using Amazon EMR to run open-source big data analytics in the cloud.
9. Amazon EC2 Hpc6 Instances This new instance type of Amazon EC2 can offer up to 65% better price performance. Hpc6a is purpose-made to compute-intensive High-Performance Computing workloads.
10. AWS Container Rapid Adoption Assistance AWS will assist its partners in accelerating the deployment of container solutions by offering technical expertise and guidance.

Google Tools

S No Name of the Tools What it does
1. Vertex AI Tabular Workflows It is a fully managed and scalable model that helps in performance optimization. It helps build neural networks that process tabular data or data organized into rows and columns.
2. Network Analyser The network analyzer tool helps to detect and fix any network issues before they could cause any service disruption.
3. Cloud HPC Toolkit The HPC toolkit helps create repeatable, turnkey HPC clusters. It allows for defining and deployment of simple and advanced HPC solutions.
4. Google Kubernetes Engine Cost Estimator The GKE estimator tool is helpful in cost optimization. This tool allows for estimating the cost of running a GKE cluster.
5. Manufacturing Data Engine This tool provides an end-to-end solution to process, appraise, and store factory data on the cloud platform.
6. Cloud Feet Routing API The API gives a solution to the fleet routing problem. It provides a Fleet routing plan in near-real-time. It reduces the traveling distance, number of fleets, and CO2 emission.
7. Google Workspace SAP Integrations This tool provides the benefit of importing and exporting data from SAP software to Google Docs.
8. Google Distributed Cloud Virtual Leverage the GDC virtual to build and deploy container-based workloads to Kubernetes directly.
9. Confidential GKE Nodes Confidential GKE nodes help secure the GKE Clusters. These nodes leverage hardware to make sure that the data are encrypted in the memory.
10. Manufacturing Connect It is a factory-edge platform that can quickly connect with almost any manufacturing asset. It has a vast library of 250+ machine protocols through which it connects with the assets.

Azure Tools

S No Name of the Tools What it does
1. Azure Key Vault Key vault is a cloud service that safely stores and obtains secrets. It also gives the benefit of regulating access to secrets.
2. Azure Data Explorer This big data analytics tool comes in handy to analyze massive amounts of data in near-real-time.
3. Azure Logic Apps It is a cloud platform with little to no code concept to create and run automated workflows that combine apps, data, services, and systems.
4. Azure Databricks This tool provides insights into the collected data and helps to build Artificial Intelligence solutions.
5. Azure Sphere Azure Sphere is an application platform with integrated communication and provides secure connections to IoT devices.
6. Azure Backup This tool easily, safely, and cost-effectively backs up and restores data from on-premise to the cloud.
7. Azure Cosmos DB Azure Cosmos DB plays a crucial role in engaging AI applications in ingesting, storing, and processing unstructured data.
8. Azure Active Directory Azure AD is a cloud-based service that controls access management and identities. It is a part of Microsoft Entra.
9. Azure Bots Azure Bot Service is a fully hosted low-code platform that anyone can leverage to create conversational AI bots.
10. Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN) Azure CND gives a wide variety of options for developers to deliver high-latency content to end users.

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