HarmonyCVI – AI Powered Cardiovascular Imaging solution


TechVedika helped in the development of HarmonyCVI (a flagship product of iHridAI) an image post-processing analysis software system that enables detailed visualization & quantification of cardiovascular MRI. This AI-powered Vision Analytics platform delivers state-of-the-art reliable performance in terms of Accuracy, Robustness and Computational Time. It is a 24×7 cloud-based secure & scalable on-demand access solution that is highly flexible with simplified ease of use.

Product Key & Advanced Features include: Multiview, Volumetric Analysis, Q-Flow Analysis

TechVedika as an outsourced R&D/Engineering Partner of iHridAI, has helped in the AI modeling, UI/UX, cloud solution development, hosting and service management.

HarmonyCVI is a highly specialized state-of-the-art solution development program in which TechVedika has creatively collaborated with iHridAI’s domain experts (Cardiothoracic radiologists and cardiologists) and iHridAI’s product engineering teams.

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