Webinar: Optimizing Warehouse Operations & Minimizing Pain Points

The recent feedback from Warehouse Industry executives highlighted the following as the top current priorities related to warehouse operations:

  • Improving inventory tracking & control
  • Reducing operational and manual tasks and
  • Reducing overall operating cost

Importantly, warehouse operational teams deal with multiple ongoing pain points resulting in unexpected churn, complexity, delays and cost.

Therefore, it was timely that we started this month with a webinar on the topic to the members of Greater Wyoming Valley Chamber of Commerce, part of a leading warehouse industrial area in Pennsylvania USA.

The session was a part of a webinar series called “Wednesday Wisdom” conducted regularly by the Chamber of Commerce to educate members on key topics and technology trends. The session focused on the considerations and benefits of AI & computer vision in optimizing warehouse operations and minimizing the pain points.

The session was led by Raj Sattaluri and Sunny Verma, who addressed the issues and shared how the TechVision+ platform can help in optimizing the operations.

The session was recorded and is now available for you to view on YouTube

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