TechVision+ for Industry 4.0

We hope that most of you are already familiar with our TechVision+ platform regarding which we’ve published in our previous articles. This article is specific to spot-on, how Industry 4.0 can leverage TechVision+ platform services to solve plenty of its use cases.

Our integrated IoT, Vision Analytics & AI Platform, TechVision+ is aimed at delivering proven, niche solutions in the Industry 4.0 space with:

  • Cameras and sensors to provide the environmental data
  • Data and connectivity to build the central nervous system
  • AI to optimize processes and drive collaboration between human and machine

Below are a few of the key Industry 4.0 Areas where we can effectively leverage our TechVision+ Platform:

  • Sensors / IoT
  • Cloud Computing (AWS, Azure, Google)
  • AI & ML
  • Big Data & Analytics
  • Process Automation
  • Networks (WiFi, BLE, LoRa)
Industry 4.0 Use Cases:

 Workforce Tracking & Safety Management

  • Workforce Tracking
    • Object Detection and Tracking using Vision Analytics & IoT
    • Tracking People, Vehicles in Workplaces Face Recognition – Verify Staff, Visitors in Workplaces
    • Vehicle Nameplate Recognition
    • Smart Parking – Detection of vacant slots
    • Smart Metering – Energy/Water/Gas Monitoring
  • Safety Management
    • Enforcing Safety Protocols using Vision Analytics
    • Detection of unrecognized People and Vehicles
    • Red Light Violation
    • Protective ware (Helmet, Glasses, Jacket, etc.)
    • Restrict Entry into designated Zones
    • Fall/Crash Detection
    • Fire Alarm Monitoring
  • Logistics
    • Package Tracking in Van using Vision Analytics
    • Vehicle Telematics using IoT and Vision Analytics
    • Package Tracking in Warehouse using Vision Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
    • Vehicle Telematics (GPS/Location, Engine Health, Battery, Fuel, Distance, Mileage, Geo-fencing)
    • Predictive Maintenance of Equipment (Anomaly Detection: Temp, Pressure, Vibrations; Prediction of Failures and Remaining Useful Life)
  • Asset Tracking & Defect Detection
    • Asset Tracking using IoT
    • Tracking Assets
    • Automate Defect Detection using Vision Analytics (Drones, Cameras)
    • Pipelines, Roads, Equipment (Cracks, Rust, Oil/Water Leakages, Missing Parts)
    • Counting of Objects (People, Vehicles, Equipment)

Benefits & Value Preposition:

Here are the major value adds that the platform TechVision+ can provide to the above-mentioned Industry 4.0 Use Cases.

  • Track People, Assets & Vehicles in Realtime
  • Enforce Workforce Safety & Alert Support staff in Realtime
  • Detect unauthorized People & Vehicles & Alert security staff in Realtime
  • Auto-detection of Defects for immediate Service & Maintenance Action
  • Predictive Maintenance for failure prevention and reducing maintenance costs
  • Realtime Tracking of Parts & Spares for better visibility of Operations & Inventory in Stock
  • Guided Package Placement & Pickup and Delivery to Service Location

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