Vehicle Tracking and Safety Management using IoT and Cameras

Why Vehicle Telematics?
Tech Vedika’s Vehicle Telematics Platform is an end-to-end connected vehicle solution for monitoring vehicles via web or mobile from anywhere.  It collects vehicle data such as speed, fuel-level, stops, breakdowns using GPS and onboard sensors. In addition, the platform provides a live stream of the cameras installed in the vehicle using an open-source, Linux-based IVU system.

IoT Powered
The Vehicle Telematics solution is powered by Tech Vedika’s IoT Platform built using proven Open Source technologies. The platform provides real-time dashboards with Live location Maps for vehicle tracking and live video streams for enforcing passenger safety.

The platform provides real-time data of vehicle speed and fuel level and alerts for high speed, low fuel level, not following a pre-defined route or exiting a pre-defined Geo fence zone.

100% Cloud Based

Tech Vedika’s Vehicle Telematics Platform provides:

  • 24×7 global access and eliminating the need to manage software and hardware: Significant cost savings and greater flexibility
  • Scalability-on-demand through adding more VMs with 100% uptime
  • Subscription-based pricing

Simple User Interface

Browser-based platform designed and optimized to deliver a superior user experience.

  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Quick to learn, deploy and use
  • Deliver powerful insight

The platform has a powerful dashboard with Live Map for tracking vehicles and their routes, vehicle status (speed, fuel level, etc.) and view live stream of cameras installed inside the vehicle.

It comes with a pre-built library of components that can be used for enhanced analytics and insights.

Functions of Vehicle Telematics Platform

  • Key platform features include:
  • Live Map of Vehicles and Routes
  • Vehicle Data (Speed, Fuel level)
  • Vehicle Status (On Route, Stopped, Breakdown, Refuelling)
  • Real-time Alerts
  • Live Video Streams from Cameras installed in the Vehicle

Vehicle Tracking

Our Platform provides the following features:

  • Track Vehicles (Buses, Cabs) on a Map in real-time
  • Real-time view of Vehicle Data (Speed, Fuel level)
  • Vehicle Status (Stopped, Back on Route, Refuelling, Breakdown, etc.)
  • Send Real-time Alerts on events such as high speed, low fuel, not following route

Passenger Safety

The following are the features for enforcing passenger safety inside the vehicle:

  • Track Vehicle and its route in real-time from web and mobile
  • View live stream of Videos from Cameras installed in the Vehicle
  • Receive Alerts in Vehicle not following a route or exiting a Geofence

How does Vehicle Telematics Platform work?
Our Vehicle Telematic platform is powered by IoT. It uses sensors to collect vehicle data and GPS to track vehicles in real-time. These IoT features are used to send real-time alerts for events such as vehicle breakdown, vehicle stops and back, high speed and low fuel level. A device with a Linux based IVU system is used for collecting and storing live feeds from cameras installed in the vehicle.

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