Yes, We Turned 10…!!!

It’s that time of the year where the Tech Vedika family had a blast of our Anniversary celebrations. This time, it’s way more special and memorable as it’s the 10th Year Anniversary!

We at TechVedika had a fabulous day on this occasion and marked it as the most fun-filled event to date with a lot of performances from the talented employees that included Dramatics & Skits, Singing & Dance Performances, just so joyful games and what not!

Not just the fun part, we were so glad to share our special moments with dignitaries such as JD Laxminarayana Garu as our Chief Guest & had valuable discussions on contemporary issues, Empowerment & need for Young Leadership.

We took the opportunity to recognize the project teams that worked consistently to the best of their abilities & went the extra mile to reach the Milestones.

We are now Welcoming our upcoming year with more & more energy and innovation on our way!

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