Digital Receipts

In this digital age, using paper is redundant. Everything from flight tickets to tax invoices is given in digital form to us. Even card transactions at various shops have become paperless as the bill is sent to the registered mobile number. This not only reduces the amount of paperwork to maintain a tally of the money they are spending, but also saves tonnes of paper.

Digital receipts are one of the major aspects of running a paperless business. Apart from the obvious advantages, this form of receipts provides some major advantages to businesses.

Businesses generally take loads of personal information for customer registration or for other reasons. The emails and mobile numbers captured in this process can be used to send digital receipts and also effectively be used to generate leads and marketing results.

Talking of marketing strategies, one can also use digital receipts to compel customers to share about the business on their social media. These receipts can contain links that redirect the user to the company pages to know more about them.

We all have written down feedbacks at various places. What if this process is digitized? Businesses can gain important insights into their services by attaching the feedback form to the receipt so that the customer can act quickly before the experience fades in his mind.

Digital receipts can also be an incentive to visit again if they contain offers and great coupons that not only promise a great experience but also a great deal for that experience.

The digital form of receipts also provides important insights for the spender. They can help the customers to make an informed decision before making the next transaction and improve budgeting.

Hence, digital receipts are the next big thing in the financial sector as it simplifies the transaction process and in turn, provides great user experience.

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