Big Announcements from Tech Vedika!!!

Tech Vedika turned 9 this month and we couldn’t be happier!! We thank all our employees, customers, and partners who have been our loyal companions on this incredible journey. The past year has been significant in reinforcing our commitment to innovation and progress.

Tech Vedika is excited to be the development partner of Mercedes-Benz R&D for its flagship project Cargo Recognition and Organisation System (CoROS) that implements Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision to automate manual cargo processes.

In addition to the above project, we ventured into the development of the following solutions:

  1. A complex Optical Character Recognition system using AI/ML, for an export company based in the Middle East, that accurately converts paper bills in various templates to digital form instantly. The OCR solution is expected to automate the process of manual data entry with a high level of accuracy.
  2. Leveraging the potential of Vision Analytics on our BigAITM platform, we are developing a cardiovascular post-processing software comprising state-of-the-art modules for viewing and analyzing CMR and CT images. Our tool provides full DICOM connectivity and therefore can be used as a standalone solution.
  3. Tech Vedika is also developing an AI Facial Recognition software, with enhanced features such as liveness detection, that promises to deliver precision results that facilitate fraud detection. Stay tuned to Tech Vedika’s blogs for more on this project.

We aim to continue our work on cutting-edge technologies such as Data Science, Vision Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning, Cognitive Solutions, and Internet of Things, besides Mobility, Full stack, and Cloud solutions.

We thank everyone once again for all the support.

Looking forward to many more years of success and celebrations!

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