Mobiles Can Now Diagnose Your illness!

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is the collection of medical devices and applications that connect to healthcare via mobile and the internet. Different Medical sensors and devices with Bluetooth or Wifi send data to the mobile device or Cloud, through web services or TCP protocol. This captured data can be sent or saved automatically to Cloud for diagnostic and analytics purposes for the doctor.

At Techvedika, we have got several opportunities to work on several IOT projects like Telematics, Payment, Video Monitoring, wearable solution, etc. A Techvedian is always innovative to learn and explore new ideas that can be used for the betterment of the future.

Sometime back, we had organized a medical camp at TechVedika. A team of doctors visited our camp for a general medical check-up of all employees. During the camp, while interacting with the doctors, someone asked as to why can’t a person conduct all the tests himself or herself at their own home. The doctors replied that tests can be done but in order to make sense of their results and understand them, a person should have medical knowledge and should know how to use the equipment to test BP, SPO2, Glucose, ECG etc.

A few days later, I got a fever and cold after which I went to a doctor. The doctor told me that my BP was too high and it needed to monitor for the next three days. She asked me to come for the BP check up. Although I was not much worried about my BP, the same question I had asked the doctors at the camp, struck me again. Why can’t I conduct the test myself instead of visiting a clinic ? When I voiced the question, this doctor also told me that without medical knowledge and equipment, I cannot conduct the test.

Then next day, I had to pay 100 Rs. to the doctor just for checking my BP which turned out to be normal. Again the same question struck me. Why can’t we do all these basic tests at home? I asked the same question to my friends. All of them gave the same answer. “if we buy it, we won’t understand how to operate what’s the meaning of the reading. To understand it, we have no option but to go back to the doctor. We have no other choice but to get it done at the clinic. It was at this time that another thought struck me. If I can diagnose my car with OBD connected to the mobile, why can’t the same process be applied to our body? I remember when I started work on OBD Port integration for a Telematics device about 7 years back, It was a similar situation as we had no knowledge what OBD codes mean.  OBD ports also speak the similar language like the one used by today’s medical devices. We found a solution and we built one simple app that reads OBD reading and translated the meaning of particular error code from cloud database. This could also give analytics and report of the car history etc.

This is how we got the idea to build a solution that can help people and patients to monitor their vitals and manage their reports as well share reports with the doctor over the cloud or mobile.

Today, Techvedika has a solution which gives anyone the capability of patient monitoring with different sets of devices and parameters. Through these, a patient can check their vitals from their mobile and they can share their reports with their family doctors. Another option is that their doctors can also get alerts and notifications if something is wrong or alarming…

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