VHacks 2018: Hackathon at Tech Vedika

Hackathon At Tech Vedika || July 14th – August 25th, 2018

Tech Vedika believes in new ideas and innovation. What better event than a hackathon can help act as a platform to encourage both? Hackathons are extremely crucial for a software organization as they promote brainstorming, creative collaborations, technical knowledge, brand engagement, and path-breaking innovations.

We have a tradition of conducting 24-hour hackathons every year for our employees. This time around, we added a twist to the routine: we decided to make it a 6-week long event. Employees had to find time from their busy schedules and develop projects for the competition.

Sounds exciting, right?

Our employees had developed some great projects in the six-week period and demonstrated them on August 25th. The judges were mightily impressed with the work that the teams had put in despite their tight work schedules.

The projects developed in the hackathon are:

1) HRM Bot: This product is an alternative to time-consuming and repetitive HR processes that require human intervention. Processes such as recruitment, leave applications and approvals, request for payslips, and solving employee queries can be done in lesser time and cost.

2) BreaQ: This app helps customers avoid long queues and make online payments for purchases made at shopping centers.

3) Buddy Care (Doctor in hands): The Buddy care Alexa Skill app makes it easy to connect with patients and give them a world-class experience with voice-based interaction with the virtual doctor.

4) Easyfi: Easyfi works as a bridge between organizations and their employees to create a secure environment where the admin can control and monitor employees’ WiFi devices individually or collectively.

5) Mysafir: This is an intelligent, secure, and fast-access application for visitor and employee management system. It generates QR badges with visitor photographs for scheduled meetings and also manages employees’ check-ins and checkouts using facial recognition.

6) Docker: This aims at being a fully automated Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment project with Docker and Vagrant.

Team BreaQ, Team Buddy care, Team Easify, and Team Mysafir were awarded the Best Business Idea, Best Project Completion, Best Internal Problem Solver, and Best Technology awards of the hackathon respectively.

We are glad that VHacks-2018 was a successful event. The organizers enjoyed it as much as the participants did. We look forward to organizing many such technical challenges.

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