Our AWS Cloud Services Pricing Plans

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Active AWS Infrastructure Monitoring & Support
Tag Infra and App Services for Collecting Data
Configure AWS & 3rd Party Tools for Infra and App Monitoring
Setup Thresholds and Alerts
Incident Tracking, Acknowledgement and Communication
Dashboard and Reporting – Standard
Alert Optimization
Incident Resolution – Basic
Incident Resolution – Complete
Dashboard & Reporting – Customized
AWS Security Assessment & Compliance
Manage AWS Account/User Access
Work on Operating System Patching Activites
Security Review Assessment and Recommendations, Compliance Score
Fixing Security Vulnerabilties
Alerts Setup for Attempt on Security Breaches
AWS Performance Optimization
Proactively Identify Performance Issues / Corrective Action
Ensure Optimal Application Performance
Support during Performance Testing
AWS Cost Optimization
Usage & Cost Monitoring for Reporting, Billing Analysis and Cost Optimization
Analysis of Unused, Over-provisioned Resources
Recommendations for Optimizing Cost
Implement Proven Strategies for Cost Reduction
AWS Backup & Disaster Recovery
Setup Backup & DR Environments
Configure AWS Tools & Build Scripts for Backup and Archival
Design Backup & DR Strategy
Support for Restore Operations
AWS DevOps & Automation
Implement CI/CD Pipelines using AWS/Other Tools
Source Code Control Audit & Management
Provisioning, Configuring and Managing Infrastructure Resources using AWS Tools & Templates
Microservices Deployment using AWS Container
Log Collection & Analysis for App/Infrastructure Health monitoring using AWS & 3rd Party Tools
Additional Details
Weekly Resource Utilization Report
Monthly Ticket and SLA Report
Incident Management Support (Budgeted Per month)
Endpoints (Budgeted Per month) Up to 20 Up to 50 Unlimited

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