Text Analytics


Text analytics solutions leverage NLP algorithms & Rule based systems for text mining, entity extraction and understanding entity relationships.

Our Text Analytics platform aids in document classification & data extraction from documents using spatial data analysis. In addition, our platform performs sentiment analysis through contextual mining of text to help organizations understand the social sentiment of their brand, product or service.

Service Offerings

Cognitive OCR

  • Image to Text Conversion
  • Data Extraction from Images

Document Classification

  • Document Type Detection
  • Document Classification

Data Extraction

  • Data Extraction (Tables, Key Value Pairs, Selection)
  • Data Verification Rules
  • Search

Platform Solutions

Document Classification

Uses NLP techniques to auto-classify documents/images into one or more categories

Data Extraction

Uses spatial data analysis and OCR techniques on documents / images to extract data in the form of Key-Value Pairs, Tables & Selections

Sentiment Analysis

Uses NLP technique to determine the emotional tone in a text to gain an understanding of the attitudes, opinions and emotions expressed by people online or offline.

Success Stories

Social Network Analysis to deliver 15% increase in customer satisfaction

National Airlines of UAE

Sentimental analysis of customer comments on the eCommerce platform helped improve customer satisfaction and increase sales

Leading eCommerce Company in India