AWS Accushield

“Tech Vedika played a central role in accelerating Accushield’s journey of migrating applications to cloud and providing ongoing maintenance thereafter. With a short time and high stakes in place, Tech Vedika did a superb job, and we look forward to expanding the scope of our partnership.”

AWS Arevea

“As a trusted technology partner, Tech Vedika has been supporting us in developing, deploying and managing our digital platform hosted on cloud. During the past 4+ years of our ongoing association, I have found their team highly proactive and dependable; and adopting industry best practices for delivering world-class services.”

AWS Meseekna

“I’m glad to have engaged Tech Vedika as our managed services partner of choice, for delivering a wide range of services from developing and deploying applications on AWS cloud, to managing and supporting them proactively. We witnessed a very high degree of responsiveness in the team, besides well streamlined and robust processes for service management and delivery.”

AWS ClearFuturz

“Tech Vedika helped us successfully migrate our on-premise app to AWS, with ease, speed and least business disruption. I was particularly impressed by the professionalism and commitment demonstrated by their technical team. Wishing them good luck and I look forward to collaborating with Tech Vedika on future cloud initiatives.”