Want to analyze your company's Cloud Optimization Rank?

Take our simple 2-minute quiz to understand your company's cloud infrastructure status


1. Have you configured alerts for proactive monitoring of your Cloud infrastructure?

2. Do you use any monitoring tools to monitor your critical Cloud services?

3. Do you have a team to address incidents from proactive monitoring?


1. Are your cloud workloads used at optimum performance levels to ensure effective usage of your cloud services?

2. Do you monitor cloud resource utilization regularly for optimum use?


1. Do you have any process in place for ensuring Cloud Security Compliance?

2. Is your cloud operations compliant with security standards such as CIS, PCI-DSS, GDPR?

3. Do you think your cloud environment is fully secure?

Cost Analysis

1. Are you satisfied with the usage of your Cloud resources and the monthly costs?

2. Do you have a process in place for optimizing your monthly usage costs?

Which Cloud platforms are you using?

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