Cognitive OCR

Cognitive OCR Technology

OCR software separates the structure of a document from its content. But, it cannot see semantics and structural layout the way a human mind does. Our innovative Cognitive OCR solutions allows us to capture data from semi-structured documents with higher accuracy without the need for creating or maintaining a template.

Supported Document Types

Contracts And Business Documents

Custom extraction of required fields from business documents including contracts, medical & financial documents


Extraction of key fields and line item details from receipts of all types such as restaurant bills, grocery receipts, taxi bills etc.

Product Specification Sheets

Extraction of key product attributes, specifications and data types.

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Utility Bills

Extraction of the recipient name, address, total amount due, due date and details of the invoicing company.

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Passport & Licenses

Extraction of picture on the ID along with other key details.

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Handwritten Forms

Extraction of data from hand filled forms for banks, insurance companies and other organizations.

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Bank Statements

Extraction of bank details, transactions details and balances.

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Custom PDF Formats

Extraction of key fields and tabular data, document classification and categorization.

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Business Card

Extraction of data from business cards helps to maintain accurate customer contacts for sales and marketing teams.

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We have transformed customer organizations leveraging Cognitive OCR for enhanced productivity and business value.

Machine Learning at Scale

The Cognitive OCR solution, built on our in house, high scale BigAI Platform, is designed to process millions of transactions and records.

Data Classification

More than OCR, we provide automatic data classification with our NLP services to classify data such as VAT ID, Business Name and other custom attributes.

Data Point Extraction

With our Deep Learning & NLP solution, we can retrieve any custom data from documents easily. While validating the document it will also learn automatically.

Table Detection

Our algorithm has in-built capability to detect tables and provide data in a tabular format with JSON output.


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